Are you worried about the ingredients being put in your CBD edibles? Would you like to make your own at home to ensure that there are no unwanted additives? Well you’ve come to the right place! This post will teach you how to make your own CBD snacks and helpful tips on how to keep them yummy.

Choose Your CBD

First things first, you want to ensure to use the right CBD for you. Not only do you want to lock down your favorite brand, but pay attention to the dosage as well.

Keep a Fat Component

Something you definitely want to keep in mind when making your edibles is that CBD binds well with fat. Thus once you have secured the type of CBD you want to use, make sure that your food has some type of grease or oil-based ingredient involved. If you’re worried that your ingredients don’t have enough of a fat base, try adding a little extra butter or olive oil to the mix.

Watch Your Heat

Next, you want to be sure to use the correct level of heat while cooking. Believe it or not, but CBD can evaporate when exposed to high heat levels. Which means you would lose the potency of your compound and pretty much waste your precious ingredients. The boiling point for CBD is 356 degrees F. While you want to make sure not to exceed 356 degrees F, you may also cook at a lower temperature around 320 degrees F just to be on the safe side.

Get Creative

Now keep in mind, just because this post suggest you cook with CBD oil, you may also use it as a topical to any liquids or foods! Feel free to add a few drops in your lattes and smoothies or even get creative by adding it to your salad dressings. Now I’d say you’re ready to become the CBD chef in your kitchen. Happy cooking!

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