Should I give my pet CBD?

The question we’ve all been wondering—is CBD okay to give my furry friend? If your pet suffers from separation anxiety, gets freaked out by the usual thunderstorm, seems down in the dumps all of the time or suffers from achy joints, you may want to consider giving them a dose of CBD to help alleviate their troubles.

How Much Should I Give My Pet?

Now you may be wondering if CBD is safe to give to your pet? Absolutely. Just be sure to use the correct dose. If you are unsure, it’s best to start small and monitor your pal for the first couple of weeks. You may also consult with your local veterinarian to see what they recommend. But to ease your mind a little, it is not possible to fatally overdose your pet on CBD. If they do experience side effects, it may be extreme fatigue or change in appetite.

CBD Treats

Now that CBD is so popular, many pet stores and CBD companies offer treats that are already infused with CBD. This may be a safer route for you to take if you are hesitant on controlling how much oil to give your pet.

 Pet-Specific CBD

If you’re curious if you can give your dog the same CBD you consume, the safest answer is probably not. Companies create pet-specific CBD oils and treats to assure that the concentrate levels are appropriate for animal consumption. This is the safest route to make sure that any edibles do not contain poisonous ingredients to pets and that your oils have a mild enough concentration level for them as well.

So all in all, you may help your furry friend receive some relief with CBD just as you do for yourself. Just be sure to do it in a more controlled and cautious manner.

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