5 Myths about CBD

We get it, CBD is still pretty new to the world and we’re all still trying to figure it out. That’s where our company comes in. We are here to give you answers to those CBD ifs, ands and buts.

Myth #1: CBD will get you high

Many people believe that since CBD and THC come from the same cannabis plant, that CBD will get you high. Hemp-deprived CBD can legally contain up to 0.3% THC, but that is still not enough to cause psychoactive symptoms. While CBD may cause you to feel relaxed, relieve anxiety or even reduce inflammation—it definitely does not alter your state of mind or cause any head fog like THC does.

Myth #2: CBD is highly addictive

Some may believe that since CBD is used to help with sleep or anxiety that it becomes addicting to the consumer. Wrong! CBD is non-addictive. It is actually known to do just the opposite. CBD is known as a holistic alternative for those struggling with drug addictions. While some users may become dependent on CBD use, this does not necessarily mean that they are addicted.

Myth #3: CBD does not produce side effects.

Since CBD comes from a natural plant and does not contain enough THC to be psychoactive, you may think that it also will not cause any side effects. This is not always true and may be something you want to watch out for. Thankfully though, CBD side effects are often very mild and can be avoided with proper dosing. For example, too much CBD consumption may result in diarrhea, dry mouth or reduced appetite. However, this can be avoided by understanding your limits and boundaries when consuming CBD. You always want to start with small doses then gradually increase your consumption over time.

Myth #4: CBD is a sedative.

While CBD is known to help insomnia or regulate sleeping patterns, it is not a sedative. CBD is known to help relieve stress and anxiety. Therefore, being more at ease and comfortable allows one to have healthier sleeping patterns. In retrospect, CBD may even help reduce daytime sleepiness and cause one to become more alert.

Myth #5: CBD is for adults only.

While CBD is more commonly suggested for adult usage, some physicians may prescribe it to children who suffer from frequent seizures or epilepsy.  Parents are also giving their children CBD for pain, ADHD, autism and even to relieve some cancer treatment symptoms. If you’re considering giving your child CBD to help alleviate unwanted symptoms, be sure to get approval from their doctor first.

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